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The game was AMAZING!! I loved every bit of!! tbh, my friend lent it to me first and I just couldn't live not having my own version of this!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH <3

waiting for the other guys to be released

Thank you for purchasing! I'm really glad that you enjoyed Ran's Story.

I need more of this! It was spellbinding!!!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :-) More is on the way!

I bought this and absolutely love it! If you are after some solid characterisation, interesting premises, romance, angst and HEA OR bittersweet ending def recommend.

Thank you so much! I'm glad that you enjoyed it. :-)

But like? Where is the gallery? Is missing?

The gallery's only going to be in the full version with all the routes in it



I enjoyed Ran's route so much, the art is soooo gorgeous, and I loved the fact that you could pick which rating you wanted, I picked mature of course but it was still nice to have the choice. I can't wait for Bahadur route, ugh I enjoyed Wilder soo much. Also I hope there's epilogues for all the routes released. I'm dying to get a glimpse into how Ran and the mc fare.


I'm glad that you liked the Teen/Mature choice. The best of both worlds, right?

Bahadur's Story will be next, so I hope you enjoy that. And there will be epilogues for all characters included in the full version of Wilder, to be released after the individual routes are done.

Yay I'm absolutely ecstatic, also I hope everything is all right with your family:)

omg i can't wait to see ran again

Yay it means we will get to see him againxD

I can't wait for Bahadur, seriously the wait is killllllling me. So close yet so far TTnTT


Haha! I know it's a long wait. He won't be ready for April, but soon. Hang in there!


Good story! I hope we get to see more of Bahadur.

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Bahadur's Story is next to be released, actually. :-)

I can't stop thinking about this game. It was amazing. Any estimation on when another route will be getting close to being out?

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I think they're attending to family matters and will let us know from their dev. blog when they're back? Although I believe last they posted they would still release Bahadour sometime this month even with the delays

Thanks! I will look for their dev. page. :( I hope everything goes okay for them. :(



LOL! Thank you so much! (And more is a-comin'...)

SO SOOOOOO excited!

This game was such a delight! Loved every minute of it. <3

I'm glad! Thanks. :-)

I don't know where to start... This game was so beautiful in every way. The characters are all well designed and I couldn't help it but feel their emotions. And the story is just wonderful. I cried at the end lmao this was so touching my heart couldn't take it. This game is without a doubt in my top 3.
Anyway, great job !

Aw, wow, thank you so much!


A great story. I loved Ran, I almost don't want to play the other stories yet to be released. The characters and world building had great depth, so my resistance will likely be futile. :P The other reviewers have said it all. I look forward to playing the rest of the games.

Thank you so much! :-)

I loved this game sooo much! Even though I couldn't see the dialog box at all (couldn't fix it either, sadly), so some text was pretty much invisible to me, I still enjoyed the story. It was amazing how their relationship developped along the road. I pretty much acted as if I would in real life and got Ran's sweet ending. I am NOT going for the bitter end though, I think that would just destroy me xD I'm especially amazed at how you handled sex scenes. You were vague, but it was still easy to figure out what they were doing. Plus, you left a lot to our imagination and that was great. I can't wait for your other routes, although I think Ran will remain my favorite forever. I'm a sucker for guys with his personality, white/black hair and red eyes (oh, those red eyes *swoons*) :D

Thank you for playing, and for your kind words. I can't wait to see if anyone else is able to push Ran off his throne for you... ;-)

And the missing dialogue box should not be happening. If you are still having this issue, please email me (sonnet009@gmail) so we can get it fixed. You deserve a 100% working product!

Hi! I think I managed to fix this issue myself, a while ago. I just needed to hold Shift while loading up the game and then change graphics acceleration to Force Software Renderer. I guess my PC is lacking a bit in this department and the wrong option was chosen automatically.

Anyways, I finally was able to see the whole text clearly and that made my day! I know your next character is Bahadur, but I am soooooooo super interested in your other three guys. Can you give us a little hint, perhaps? :)


Initial concept, you have my interest. Notice it's by the maker of Aloners, I cannot purchase fast enough! What can I say, it's amazing just as expected! I just love the writing in this, especially for this character there's the perfect mix of humor, and stabbing my heart (in the best possible way). So excited for future updates on this project!!

I'm glad it didn't disappoint! Thank you so much.

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This... I have no words for it. I literally just finished playing and I loved every inch of it.

Oh, I'm so glad! :-) Thank you very, very much for playing, and for sharing your response.

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You're very welcome. Thank you for making something so brilliant. I'm looking forward to your future releases.

soooo he's a djinn? like a genie?

Sort of. In the world of Wilder, the magical-granting-wishes djinn are a thing of the past, or maybe even of legend. Modern djinn in this world have very little what is called "old magic" in them anymore.

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so are there to be more stories added? :)oh and where can i get the demo? i want to have a look first before i purchase

There are 5 routes, to be released one-by-one, followed by a complete edition. The demo can be downloaded here.

oooo do you maybe have an ETA for the next route? really excited for bahadur

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Love this game and especially Ran I think hell be my fav :D Just one question..I got sweet ending, is there a best ending too? With resolving who is you know what? :D Do you maybe have a guide? And the gallery is missing is it coming soon?

Thanks for playing!

There are two endings, Bitter and Sweet. Parts of the mystery left unsolved will be addressed in other routes.

I just posted a guide to Ran's Story here.

And the gallery will not be present in the individual routes, but will be present in the complete edition that will be released afterwards.

Congratulations for wilder's release! ^^

I've been waiting for few years for this...and hopefully just few months away from the full version.... Purchased Ran's and getting even more sure that this game is really worth waiting for!!

Thanks for your hard work! Keep growing! ^^

Yay! Thanks!

And don't worry -- I'm still hard at work! :-)

Very wonderful story! I could not stop until it was finished (at 2AM with work in the morning, haha) and I definitely got emotional throughout the journey. I cannot wait for the other routes!!

Oops! Hope work wasn't too rough for you! ;-) And, thank you!

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Oh, I'm so glad! :-) Thank you.

Loved it, I looked (and probably overlooked) but when might Bahadur be released? And the other stories actually. :x

Right now, we're on-track for a late March release for Bahadur. :-)

This was lovely! Congratulations on a wonderful game.

Thank you so much!

Hello!!! I just finished the full Wilder game, and lemma just sum it up fast, it was absolutely brilliant. But I'm wondering why there was no 'gallery' option? :o The option itself was present in the demo.

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I'm glad you enjoyed Ran's Story!

There will be no gallery for the individual character stories. But once the complete edition of Wilder comes out (with all 5 character routes + extra epilogues) it will include a CG gallery.

Ah, okay. Does that mean Ran is getting an epilogue?


Yes! All 5 characters will get their own epilogue in the complete edition.


I'm even more eager for the full release, then!!!! Thank you for your hard work!

Any luck figuring out the problems mentioned by lahatmahal and Sacelene? I'm having the same issues. Would you still like more screen shots? It's kind of killing me that I can't play the game yet, lol. Because I am sooo excited!

Hi. I have spoken to various people that have managed to get past this issue, but haven't managed to pin down the exact cause yet. Please email me at with screenshots so we can work on it together.

finished :) good game, really enjoyed it, thnx a lot! also can't wait for other stories ;) this wilder world is very compelling.

I'm glad you think so! I hope you enjoy the rest of the stories, too.


All I have to say is that this story is absolute perfection. :)

Wow. Thank you! :-D


After the marvelous experience I had with "Aloners", I had to go ahead and buy this game; the first time that I did so, actually.

As expected, Sonnet009 didn't disappoint me. The story is wonderful, with a perfect and intense flow. I just went through a rollercoaster of emotions that I can't explain (and haven't yet recovered from, as I'm typing this review). Ran is such a complex, lovable and interesting character that even after almost three hours playing this game, it left me wanting more.

Congratulations, Sonnet! My expectations for this game were high, but you've managed to surpass them like always! I'm eagerly waiting for the other routes!

(...Also, sorry if my English sucks. I'm not a native speaker)

Thank you very much! I'm so glad that it didn't disappoint. (Also? Your English is perfect.)


It's fine, I didn't need my heart anymore... What a brilliant story! :D I got so invested that by the end I could hardly breathe I was so worried/excited to find out what would happen!

Cannot wait for the rest of the routes!

Oh, thank you! *works furiously on the rest of the routes*


just got wilder ;) (gonna play it later after my work is done, thnx for the game, demo was very interesting :)

I hope you enjoy! :-)

Hello, bought the game but I seem to be experiencing the same problems as lahatmahal. I could also play the demo just fine, but now the text boxes are messed up. I tried the solutions you offered to no success, I was wondering if I could also email you in regards to my problem?

Yes, please email me at with details and screenshots.

I just have to say -- I'm BROKEN. I'm SOBBING. This was sO. FUCKING. GOOD. I found myself utterly immersed within the world you created; it felt so vast, and the journey sucked me in at every turn. Every moment Ran and MC hit trouble, I was on the ropes, wondering -- OMG, how are they going to get out of this?!

The story was excellent and compelling, with amazing twists and turns at every plot point; I LOVED the music you used throughout the game (such a nice variety of pieces); the multiple points for romance throughout the story (and being able decide when and where you wanted to be with Ran) was such a great touch; BROWN CHARACTERS. BROWN CHARACTERS AND A FANTASY SETTING TACKLING REAL ISSUES AND NOT GLOSSING OVER THE HORROR OF IT -- BEAUTIFUL. MAGNIFICENT. I'M HERE FOR IT. I NEED BROWN CHARACTERS AND FANTASY LIKE I NEED A I R, so thank you for delivering creating a diverse cast for players to lose themselves within!

I'M...IN...SHAMBLES. Thank you for such a WONDERFUL game. Like legit, I need to get an alert system going so that I know when the other routes open up, but idk how anything could top Ran's amazing story and sweet ending.

Oh, wow, thank you! It's the most I could ask for, as a writer, that the story could touch you like that.

Hi, is there an ingame gallery? I've seen the button in demo version, but it doesn't seem to appear in Ran's story one.

There isn't a gallery in the individual routes. However, there will be a gallery available in the complete version of Wilder.

Hi! I bought and downloaded this game but when I run it, there are crucial parts of the GUI are missing. The text box is missing from the game and when I open the settings page, it's empty underneath the text, bgm (the entire left side of the page) etc. I can't select whether to change the skip settings and the window/fullscreen settings (the right side of the settings page) etc. I also noticed when I hover over buttons such as the ones on the start screen, they don't light up. Then when I try to quit, there is no 'yes' or 'no' button to click so I'm stuck in the game until I force close it with task manager. I've re-downloaded the zip file and did not experience any error unzipping the file. I've also played the demo with no problems. Any idea what happened??

Hey! Well, that's a very strange error. It almost seems like some things are not extracting? As a starting point, I'd suggest seeing if your anti-virus software is interfering. If not, then perhaps trying a different program for unzipping.

If the problem persists, please email me at with screenshots of the issues described below and how the extracted folder looks, and we'll go from there.

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Normally I never review a game, that being stated, something has compelled me to write a short review for this game. First I will start off with the cons that I found while playing the game. The first one I'll note (and this could be a pro for some) was that it was super easy to achieve the 'Sweet' ending, basically just don't be a douche. The second con I noticed was that although there are many choices it didn't seem to affect the story in the long run (for example if I chose choices which made the MC have a more volatile nature or if I decided I wanted to wait instead of getting 'handsy' the first time, but then the second time I was roaring to go, I wish this would have affected future dialogue a little more). Moving onto the pros. The first pro that I want to address is that the background, CGs, and sprites are beautifully drawn. The second pro is that the story and the characters are spectacular. So much so that I found myself tearing up at parts, having to stop to prepare myself for the next scene or giggling openly at the characters antics. This coupled with all the small choices the games gives you made it feel almost completely immersive and was disappointed that I had reached the end when I wanted continue learning about this horrifying, yet wonderful place. In conclusion the story was completely compelling and I felt that the characters really made a connection with each other. No spoilers, but after searching through the creators tumblr page( I found that there will be five character routes in total that will be sold separately or when complete will have them all together "the extra epilogues will l be available in the full game, but if you buy each route separately and can show proof of purchase, [they'll] happily gift you the collection for free," so that is something to look forward to. I'm not sure if it has tried but hope that it reaches more people and gets sold on places like Steam (I know that I would vote for it).

In short:

Gives the choice of either M or T rating
Gorgeous art
Compelling Story
Relatable and loveable Characters
Good length

Few Endings
Easy Choices (could be considered a Pro)
Most choices don't seem to affect long run gameplay

Thank you for this review! You made some fair points, and I'm delighted that you found the game immersive and compelling.

To address your comment regarding Steam, that is certainly a platform I will be interested in using for the complete version of Wilder, when that time arrives.

Hi, I was wondering how many endings there are?

Two endings. Sweet and Bitter.

Hello! I wonder - how long is whole game? :)

Hi! Ran's Story has a play time of approx. 3 hours.


Cool! How to contact you by email about it? I think I got an interesting offer for you :)

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