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Ok this gotta be one of my fav otome games, the closeness and bond you get to share with Ran throughout the story and the fact that you could choose pretty much anything without the fear of meeting a bad ending... However, there are some things I wish could've been better such as how rushed some parts feels, especially the ending. The love part felt kinda rushed aswell, I felt like we could've used more time before Ran/MC made the first "move".... It just didn't feel right to me when we hadn't really gotten forward the "all humans are the same" phase and the lack of reasons for Ran to actually already develop feelings this far before essentially making out

But otherwise, I really enjoyed this game and could think of myself replaying it sometime again^^


Are you planning on doing season 2 for it??

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Wilder is officially an abandoned project. Full explanation here. Ran's Story and Bahadur's Story remain available as individual purchases but be advised that the overarching narrative of Wilder will no longer be forthcoming. Thank you for all your support these difficult past few years. My sincerest, sincerest apologies.

I absolutely loved this game and I loved Ran so much! Everything was exceptional about this project! Please, make more amazing games like this!
I would love to play part 2 of Ran's route.


Can you choose if MC is male or female? 


No, MC is female only. But as someone who usually prefers male MC I have to say play this anyway. I personally prefer Bahadur as a LI but both of the Wilder games are great.

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Amazing story! I absolutely love this game! Its every aspect is perfect!








I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!! I am in love with your character!! Please, do more things with him, my heart can't take it T^T <333

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Wow, i am speechless. This is the best visual novel and romance story I have read... ever. The writing, the art, the music; I mean.. everything is exceptional. I will be sure to read the other stories of this series and I am so going to follow closely any upcoming work and support it. Do you have a Patreon page?


Perfect, this was absolutely perfect. Came here after being thoroughly impressed by aloners redux and wow. Your work is amazing! I'll be sure to watch out for any future works(I know this series is discontinued but idc, I'll be on the look out for whatever it is you decide to release!) Thanks so much for this! Wonderful experience, 10/10 would recommend


This game was so amazing...I laughed, I cried, I really enjoyed everything about this game (except that there's no part 2 haha) but amazing work. I'm absolutely in love with Ran. This has got to be one of the most creative stories I've ever had the pleasure of reading. I hope you're doing well!


First of all, story is full and finished. It's not like it ends in the middle of action or something. Conclusion does not feel 100% full, there is a tiny hint on "season 2", but it's logical and good. It leaves space for your imagination to say "yes, i bet this will happen and etc" WITHOUT feeling of uncomfortable incompleteness .

Art is nice and dialogues are neat. 

I finished this novel easily and it left me in high spirits.

When I say "easy", and possible others say "sweet", it's not 13 years old kind of stuff. It's  dark in places, pink in places , nicely balanced, decent novel. There are couple of thing that could've been done better like more diverse choices or a little smoother shifts here and there, BUT it does not really affect quality time you spend on it. Completely worth it!

I DID NOT regret a second purchasing it and playing.

As a person who played a lot of interactive novels, I do recommend it=) 

and I hope to dive in more amazing worlds, incredible characters and breathtaking stories, created by sonnet009games.  Thank you. 


it’s sad that this series won’t be continues but OH MY GOSH amazing game. I also played aloners and I was astonished. What can I say I love the broken and closed off boys! This story had an amazing plot with good development and some really fun and adult lead situations which put you on edge! Loved this story so much I cannot wait for your next project. You are truly one of my favorite authors for Interactive fiction! 

Hey do u know how to download a game on pc and open the file am having a hard time;(

My best advice is to actually download the itchio app. There should be instructions online for that. If you download the app on your pc then you can download the game within the app rather than having to save files and all that! Hope this helps. 

How do u download the app on the computer? lol sorry if i keep on bothering u am just so confused ahhh!

There’s a link that helped me^

thanks so much it really helped!<3


I'm so disappointed that this series won't continue over something I think shouldn't matter to the creative writing process. I had more to say but this is not an attack on the author, just my expression of disbelief and shock that a story about overcoming society had to end before it even started for something that seems silly to me


I would have to agree. I don't hate the author by any means, but the fact that we live in a society where people are discouraged from writing because they feel like it's "insensitive" even when it's not... kinda hurts. and this is coming from someone who is technically POC (Asian-American)

I guess that it just feels sad that even so much as mentioning another ethnicity or a cultural issue is now a big no-no... So many great stories may never be told.


That's pretty much how I feel as well. The fact that the author of this felt the need to discontinue just rubs me wrong. Nothing against the author, they can choose what to write and when obviously, but how are we supposed to get stories about beating negative aspects of society if no one feels they're allowed to write them?

Your last line really hits home to me, it's the fact that the stories that seemed so interesting will never be told now. I didn't find anything in either route to be problematic so it just came as a surprise to me that it was discontinued but I wish the author nothing but the best and hope they continue to make stories, even if it's in another setting!


I also agree. I do not hate the author, nor mean this as an attack, but art should not be dictated by reality, or reality's morals in my personal opinion. Creativity dies upon the altar of restriction, and once we give society the power to tell artists what they can and cannot create we open a can of slippery slope that has the power to destroy art entirely. And power, once given, is very hard to take back. Furthermore, it simply isn't a realistic way of looking at fiction. Yes; slavery and racism is vile. But consider; what would happen to story telling if we rid fictional worlds of all the terrible things that can, and sometimes do, happen in real life? Slavery is bad, so we shouldn't include it in stories... Ok, well, murder is also bad, so I guess murderers shouldn't exist in fiction either. Rape is bad, lying is bad, cheating is bad, etc. However, when used in fiction they can be very powerful tools and motivators. Both for the hero, who must overcome them, and the villain who is specifically supposed to be evil. Bottom line is that I do not think fictional stories, especially ones set in a fantasy world that doesn't even mirror reality, should not be associated with reality and reality's problems. Why can't we seperate the two? Personally, it is even sadder to me because I felt that Ran's story was a very powerful story about a strong female lead who not only breaks the chains of her own ignorance and compliance in a terrible system that she did not want to be a part of in the first place, but who also encourages Ran to break his own chains, both literally and emotionally. I didn't find this to be a story of oppression so much as it was a beautiful and heart wrenching story of the breaking of said oppression. And I simply don't understand how that can be construed negatively.


One of my favorite games to date, along with Aloners. The story is captivating and I cry every time I play. Sonnet, you are hands down my favorite VN creater and I will continue to support you on whatever creative journies you take. Thank you so much!

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I just wanna say that I loved Aloners and when I heard of the development of a new game, I waited y e a r s for all of the paths to be released. However, since the news of it being abandoned, I went ahead and purchased Bahadur and Ran's story. 

The artwork is amazing. The plot was definitely something I did not expect and was mind-blown every time. However, the romance was slightly disappointing. It kind of felt forced between MC and Bahadur/Ran. I understand MC was supposed to be a sheltered royal but her actions and lack of personality kind of put me off. There were only two choices to choose from during the dialogues. It's either you love them or hate them; rude or super polite etc. I wish there were more options to choose from in terms of personality and interactions. Because of this , I didn't really feel much of a connection for the ROs. However, if I were to choose, Ran's story definitely pulled my heart strings a bit more than Bahadur's (I'm a sucker for angst). I also felt like the music didn't really fit some of the situations but this is rather minor. 

Although I am deeply saddened that the game has been abandoned, I hope sonnet gets better! I know making this  decision wasn't an easy choice choice. Regardless, I can't wait for future games. Hopefully more angst and a pre/post apocalypse  since there isn't much of those around TT.TT


Very good game. As has been mentioned by other players before, it was amazing how you managed to keep me absolutely thrilled until the very end! 


This game has a very nice plot. I like how you arrange the story and make me slowly fall in love with Ran too. Thank you for making such amazing game. I'm looking forward for the other bachelors too.


This was really really well done. I loved the story and the writing. The art was amazing and it kept you hooked till the very end. I will definitely buy more from you.


Great story! Loved it, would have liked some more scenes drawn out. But overall money well spent :) Thank you for making this :D looking forward to the rest. I would recommend this to everyone who loves a good romance visual novel!

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This was absolutely fantastic! I just finished playing this and I am left speechless! I don't usually leave a review but I just had to for this phenomenal game

I've been around the block with romance visual novels and otome games, and this one is by far one of my favourites. It was stunning in both story and art. 

The characters were well designed and had impressive depth to them and development throughout the journey - which cannot be said for many other visual novels. In addition, the story did not feel hurried or forced: all ten chapters gave rise to many interesting scenes and a multitude of choices. Now that was something special. The player gets to properly mold the MC's personality by the choices she makes, the things she says and feels. And there are so many opportunities to choose a responce that you don't need to fear picking the wrong choice once and ending up with a bad ending. 

And then there is the art! Though there are only a couple CGs I found they weren't needed because the real show was in the background art. All of the places really came to life with the gorgeous Middle East inspired palaces, rooms and landscape. They were exquisite! The music was beautifully composed and gave a fitting feel of the time and place as well as the emotions of the scene unfolding.

I couldn't give this a more glowing review! Congrats on making such a gorgeous game - I look forward to what you have in store!


11/10 would buy again. i am completely in love with your writing style, aloners being the first otome game i truly fell in love with, so i just had to buy ran's route for wilder :') it didn't disappoint at all, tbh it made me disappointed in how boring the real world is and how i lack a ran of my own. i will definitely be purchasing the next routes once they are released!

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Well done!! ;]

The game's choices and conversations are really well done and consistent;]]]

And the characters are also full of their own personal charms (liked Ran and Bahadur very much;)))
Thank you for making it and sharing with everyone;]]]

PS - with all the info about sexual content and explicit language and violence I was afraid that it would be something very hardcore and was wondering if I will 'survive' it ;PPP turned out quite mild..... could be little more 'spicy' ^^

Amazing game, I had a lot of fun!  =D


I know I haven't played ALL of them yet, but Ran really is my favorite character. I enjoy how you're not afraid to have your LI hold some animosity towards the MC even when they like her. Trash was also allowed to disagree and be irritated with the MC sometimes (Within bounds ofc you did so tastefully) I think it adds a depth of character that I don't see often. I really appreciate it!


Really good game! Really tugged at the heart strings at the end!

I could continue hearing new stories of there adventures. This one was amazing and was a very good read


Amazing! I fell just completely in love with Ran :D 


This was such a good game! I got really attached to the characters, and the plot was really good ;w; 


The best damn game I've ever played along side Aloners XD only wish that the ending didn't feel pushed/forced a little too short but the ending was still good.


Oh. My. God. This was amazing! Every single part of this was amazing! The story, the art, the music! Everything is perfect and everybody who's looking at the comments trying to decide if this game is any good - I'm telling you, it's amazing! Thank you so much!


Wow this game was amazing! Quickly became one of my favorite otome games of all time! I loved how Ran slowly warmed up to the MC, and I absolutely adored their chemistry. I almost cried at the sweet ending ahhh. I just hope that there was a bit more closure in the end though! We still don't know the real murder at the end, and I felt like it was a bit rush! Maybe an epilogue would've been nice. But the game was still amazing nevertheless! Absolutely worth the price!


omg. i just finished on the sweet ending...and im like holding back tears. that was awsome! its such a wonderful story! thank you for making this!


This game is a wonderful gem. Everything was perfect from the art, to the characters, overall story, and I can't forget the music. I don't think I've ever appreciated a soundtrack as much as I appreciate the one in this game, and it's been awhile since a story could make me cry. Great work, I enjoyed playing it very much. 10/10!


This is the best game I have ever played. I just found this site by accident and this was the first game I purchased ! I love it soo freaking much <3 I get bored easily and move on to new things and never watch the same thing twice but this game has me coming back to it over and over again. I wish there was a part 2 maybe Ran getting kidnapped and the player saving him? ughh I would purchase a whole entire long series of this. I can't wait for you to make more! 


Had to drop a line and say, as nearly 30 year old woman, I've played a lot of these kind of games in my time. This isn't even a full release but Ran's Story is hands done one of the best. I cannot wait to see what you do with a full release (Baldur is great as well, but I like a character with more of an edge ;)) Thank you, to the Devs on this for something that clearly has a lot of heart and soul put into it. Can't wait to see what you do next!


hello hello, I was wondering if you're still working on the other routes? :) I love this game

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**kinda spoilers, i never specifically state what happens, only mentions a plot in the beginning and a nontelling choice option**

Beyond breath taking, the character development was amazing. The growth and depth in the main characters was beautiful to watch as it unfolded. I truly felt like I had became engulfed in this world and desperately didn't want it to end.  I wish I could think of a more solid praise for this but Ran's character was so deep and had so many twists and turns. His background truly came together to make you understand who he is or where he came from and the BANTER that MC and Ran have is adorable. I think the part that made me laugh the hardest is a scene where you fight off some villains and while you're being praised for being a hero the action option is "don't let it go to your head" and "too late, it's went to my head". My only complaints with the game is you never find out who the murderer is, and you don't know what becomes of the couple. Aside from that, flawless. I'd read it again in a heartbeat. 

Don't go to McDonald's, spend your $3.99 on this story.

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This story is freaking amazing! I have read a bit of otome and VNs and this, this isnt just some soppy romance. This is GOOD. Solid storyline, action, adventure, drama, plus the music is wonderful and fits perfectly with every scene. OMG I LOVE THIS! Honestly I became so intrigued with the world in this story. I'm happy to see there is another story, that I will be reading right after this, and I am hoping the creator with make more stories as well. So a big Thank You to Sonnet009 for a creating a fantastic world with brilliant characters!

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