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The progression of its story and MC is natural. But the ending felt....rushed at the end. These two had hurt each other, bare their hearts out for each other. Imprinted their methodology and behavior on each other's lives. (MC becomes more and more cunning, Ran becomes more trusting and emotionally fragile from closing off for so long.)

The ending is very open, and I think as a testament to the quality of your writing, I can somehow predict that their relationship still wouldn't be smooth sailing. I figured they would still be hunted down, just with less intensity. The truth of the murder was never explained and revealed. (I suppose its left out for other routes.)

So I'm guessing it needs an epilogue for the sweet ending- to detail MC and Ran's future. It doesn't need to be all sweet, but to leave a more conclusive note on their destination and the world around them. 

Ran is still an Albino and still sought out. MC is still a runaway princess, there's no telling when the murder crime will be shifted on her again. To be fair life in the world of Wilder will never be smooth sailing, but at least leave a clearer picture of its aftermath. 

I love this series and VN, and will be buying all routes because I want to explore more of the world of Wilder. If there's a epilogue fanbook, I think I'll definitely buy it digitally.


One word to describe this game, magnificent. 


I've never felt so immersed in a visual novel game before. I found myself debating every choice and trying so hard to understand the motivations of all the characters. The world design for this story goes above and beyond. Proud to say I definitely cried and loved it!


What an amazing game, the art is beautiful, the writing is perfect, i love love love this game! Worth thrice the price, and the story was giving me butterflies and heart twangs. 10/10 would recommend again and again, can't wait to play the other routes!!!


I just can’t even describe how grateful I am to you and your collaborators of creating a game or a route like this. I’ve played Aloners earlier and loved it and at the time I thought I would definitely play Wilder as soon as I have enough time to concentrate properly. In the meantime, I did play the demo. When the time came I bought Ran’s route as I planned earlier, and I would quote "the rest is a blur" :D I didn’t read the whole story at the same day and I guess that made it harder to concentrate on reality, since I kept thinking what would happen next and I was missing the game and dialogue between the MC and Ran. Ran is a perfect character and I fell in love with him and the story. I tried to read the story slower and prolong the game, so it wouldn’t face its end, but of course it eventually did. I truly feared that I’m going to lose him on certain parts of the game, even though I knew it can’t happen. One night I had to go to sleep in the middle of the game, after one of the tragic parts and I was sitting on a chair, literally holding my head in my hands and thinking I couldn’t go to sleep until the situation is settled :D I would read a sequel and sequel’s sequel if there were those. I read these comments here and noticed that there would be epilogues of characters including Ran in the full game and that made me feel better after the “game hangover” which I guess I still have and it’s probably long lasting. I got the sweet end and that was sweet, although it’s bitter to pull back reality after such a lovely and interesting gaming experience full of emotions.  

Besides Ran, the dialogue and the story, I also loved the world, music, CG illustrations and background art of the game and everything including the names of characters and places and amount of save slots. Those landscapes and illustrations would make perfect desktop wallpapers! What is more, I think it’s great that there also are choices you can make without thinking how it would affect the final result, but they still have an effect on the dialogue.  

I definitely will buy the full game when it’s released and wait for the epilogue and hope to explore the game’s world more and maybe play other routes someday in the future as well, if I ever get over Ran’s story, at the moment playing other routes would feel kinda like a betrayal :D It helps to know that there are others on the same boat as well. Again, thank you so so much! And sorry about a long post :D


I love this game so much! I've bought both of the games and I am in love with them, the artwork, the story, everything! It made me die on the inside its so good. I really can't wait for the rest of the games in this series! Keep up the good work!!!


Awww, thank you! Amir Story's next, and I hope you like it just as much. :-)

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Wow. Just Wow. Amazing story, thank you so much


Thank YOU so much! :-)


Got the sweet ending and it's really such an amazing route. Loved it with all my might.

It's so hard to write a dangerous love interest in a way that's not icky and you did it SO WELL. Time to play Bahadur's route!

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I have to say, this is the first visual novel that actually made me cry like a baby ... Thank you so much for this game!!!! Can't wait to play the full release!!


Aw, thanks for making my day! :-D

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Perhaps the full version of Wilder will be released on Steam, but that's not 100% decided yet.


BAhadur's finally out?! I must find!!!!!!! Been waiting for a long time! Yesss so excited!!!


i came here after finishing Aloners (loved it, by the way :3).

it took me some time to decide whether to buy Ran's route now or wait for the full game's release.

well, i'm glad i did buy it >< ^_^

loved it, too - i had so many different feelings while playing (which happens a lot less often with otome games than i'd like >_<). i even cried at some point ^^;;

definitely can see myself re-reading it <3. 

now i'm off to buy Bahadur's route >< ^^

thank you for making such an awesome game ^^

I found this yesterday and, after downloading and playing the demo, I couldn't help myself from buying Ran's route and then Bahadur's almost immediately after.  The background artwork is gorgeous, as are the characters themselves.  I love how they're also really different both in appearance and personality-wise.  The plot was solid, and the romantic progression felt natural.  The music suited each situation perfectly and was beautiful in and of itself.  The individual plots perfectly reflected the same reality, and I was really happy to find the truth behind the Shah's murder in Bahadur's route.  

I would have loved to have more save slots, since I'm the kind of player who likes to save after every choice just in case.  The auto save button didn't work either, at least on Ran's version.  I was also a bit dissapointed since the demo mentioned something about a gallery in the purchased version, but there wasn't one that I could tell.  

Overall, though, the pros definetly outweighed the cons.  This was an awesome play, and I am definitely going to be playing again.  Would reccommend!  9.5/10


I love this game beyond words. I've played it five times because I'm pathetic, and it manages to make my emotionless-ass cry multiple times. I found you originally through Aloners, and I adored that game too (I cried as well w h o o p s). 
And then I found this game when it was still in development and I fell in love with the plot before even realizing it was you. Any story about forbidden romances, especially due to not only laws, but complete social aspects are my shit. And then on top of that, you made my favorite thing in any VN, which is angst and seemingly betrayal from the MC. And you did it well. 

Onto the actual technical stuff. The art was gorgeous, and the sound track was unique and simple yet got the emotions across. As for your writing. Just wow. I have no words. You're writing is impeccable. You're imagery and attention to details, and foreshadowing that can get lost but remain so significant is woven so well into the story. Your dialogue progresses the story so well and I'm beyond amazed by the story progression in general. The plot was interesting, and similar to Aloners, the MC isn't unbearably stupid. She's naive in this, but purposefully so. And god I know there isn't a stated time frame, but the slow burn moods from this k i l l me. In a good way. You could've priced this game at 15 dollars for just Ran's story and I would pay it ten fold. It's so rare to find VN nowadays that satisfy me in every way. And you did this so well. The sex scenes were also really well described, as in, the emotions you tried to get across to the audience was really well done. When it was clearly actions of lust comparative to just pure sensual love making was beautifully crafted. 

Overall, I absolutely loved the game. I truly hope you make Wilder have more characters as a continuation. You have a dedicated fan here lmao. <3 

Thank you ever so much for this long, detailed feedback! I am delighted that you enjoyed Ran's Story -- and very grateful that you took the time to say so. Bahadur's Story should be coming out before the end of the year, and I can only hope that you enjoy him, too. :-)

Of course!! I'm happy you replied, I want to make VN romance games some day but I feel like I won't ever find a way to end stories because that's how my normal writing ends up lol. Ahhh I'm so excited! I don't know if you can possibly leak info, but do you have other characters you're thinking about for Wilder (besides Ran and Bahadur)? 

If you want to make a VN, I definitely recommend going for it! I am also a chronic un-finisher, but making these games has really helped me get over that hurdle.

Besides Ran and Bahadur, there will also be a route for Royo (who you have met) and Amir and Jamal (who you have not). There is more information on all the love interests in the Wilder tag on my two tumblrs, if you're interested.


this is one of my top games of all times! It was incredibly immersive! You have one more loyal fan now, looking forward for the other routs!

Wow, thank you! :-) Such kind words.


I finished playing this game late last night and I loved it! I went in with few expectations and I ended up liking it way more than I thought I would. The writing is wonderful and I liked the characters. I ended up being emotionally invested in the story partly because of all the choices the game gave me. I'll definitely be playing the other routes!

Ohhh, that's great! Thank you for playing, and for leaving this comment. I hope you enjoy the upcoming routes as well. :-)


I have to say I absolutely loved your story. I am very excited for your future work; you definitely pulled at my emotions throughout the whole story line. 

Thank you! I hope I can continue to shamelessly manipulate your emotions in future stories. ;-)


I have played this game at least three times now, and I never tire of the characters and their story. I love Aloners and have also fallen in love with this game, as well. Your writing style is so engaging and full of emotions that stay with me long after I've finished playing your games. It's so nice to have a visual novel that is written for women that want more substance and mature themes in a romance or otome VN. I enjoyed the complicated relationship between the MC and Ran, as well as all the interesting lore in this world you have created. I can't wait to play more routes and to learn more about the rest of the characters and the world they live in!


Oh, wow, thank you! This is an incredible compliment, and I'm grateful that you took the time to write it. And it's wonderful to hear that you've enjoyed playing and re-playing multiple times. I'm so glad!

I really enjoyed Aloners ! so I'm looking forward this game (σ・з・)σ~
I don't know if is only me or whatever , but I can't buy it :c This game is gonna be on steam ??   >> English is not my native language. :$


I'm not sure why you're not able to buy Ran's Story. I haven't had any other reports of purchasing issues. Sorry I can't help with that.

There are no current plans to release Wilder on Steam, but that may change in the future.


hi are the other routes still being made or is the project no longer on going?

Unfortunately delayed (no duh, right?) but very much in progress!

Congrats on the game,you've done an amazing job! :)

Thank you!  :-D


Just finished this and loved it! Like many others, I had played Aloners, and ever since playing it, it has been one of my top favorite VNs. I had always hoped there would be more to come from you as your writing and games are amazing, and now Wilder is at the top of my favorites list as well! Ran was an amazing character, and I could feel every emotion as if I was really there myself. I love how your games draw us in. It's perfect!

Loving everything so far, and I look forward to Bahadur's story along with anything else you come out with in the future! :)

I'm glad you enjoyed! And thank you for playing Aloners, too. Your words are too kind, and I appreciate them so much!


I've stumbled onto this little gem while looking for VNs geared more towards women (and procrastinating on uni work), and I thought I'd take the time to let you know that I really enjoyed playing through your game. I really liked the setting, which is quite different from what I usually come across. I'm glad you're planning to release more routes/stories set in this world, because I feel like there's still lots to explore (I found e.g. the heartseers very interesting, or the sociopolitical issues behind abolishing slavery in name but not in practice). Definitely keeping an eye out for your future work! 


Thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment. Can't tell you how much I appreciate it! There are definitely a lot of different aspects of the world still to be explored, so I hope you enjoy the upcoming stories as well.

So how many routes are available now? Im interested with the other Djinns xD

So far only Ran's route has been released. Bahadur is next followed by Amir then Royo and then Jamal I believe, but no release date for any of them. Here's the forum if you're interested (has a progress report and info on the routes):

Hope that helped, I'm really looking forward to the other routes as well. (^-^)

Hi, for some reason I can't send a mail so I'll just be writing here. The game won't start... Up pops a message that says: Could not execute , then it point to where Wilder_Ran.exe is supposed to be  and says: Is it missing?

Hi there. This is a (sadly) not uncommon problem that some people have with games made in Ren'Py. 

Usually it is the user's antivirus program falsely assuming the .exe is malicious and deleting it when you extract the files from the .zip. I'd suggest that you tinker with your antivirus so that it understands the .exe file is not malicious, or else disable it just until you've extracted the files from the .zip.

It works! Hallelujah, and thanks a lot for the help ^^

You're welcome! :-) I hope you enjoy!

love the game just wondering if there's another one coming out soon, and if so, do you have any idea when

Thanks! Another route is upcoming. No release date (to avoid any more disappointment).


This is an absolutely fantastic game! There were so many moments where I thought "I hope this will happen", and then it did. And I agree with another commenter about being able to play the protag's personality like I wanted to, without ever feeling like I was risking the good ending for it. Thanks so much for such a fun, wonderful story, and I look forward to playing more games from you in the future! ♥


Aw, thank you. :-) I'm so happy that you enjoyed it!

(Sorry for the late reply!)

Wow! I loved it! I felt as though I became apart of that story. Looking forward to any other games you got like this!

Wow! I loved it! I felt as though I became apart of that story. Looking forward to any other games you got like this!

wow! What great writing :O Love it <3


Thank you!

(Sorry for the late reply!)

I loved everything about this game and all the work and love you put in it. I will definitely buy all the other routes, but don't forget to take care of yourself!

Thank you very much -- for the kind words and the support. :-)

(Sorry for the late reply!)

any idea when another route will be released???

The creator's Tumblr was recently updated. There were some unforeseen issues irl, but she is working on the game almost everyday and it will be released asap.

Loved this game. Can't wait to play the next routes. On another note, I was unable to comment on Aloners after playing it along time ago so just want to say that it was one of the best games I have played too. 

I'm glad! And I'm glad that you enjoyed Aloners, too. Thanks for this comment. :-)

(Sorry for the late reply!)

This game is amazing! I absolutely love it! I can't wait for the next installment. I enjoyed the writing so much; you had my stomach tied in knots many times wondering if I did the right thing. And best of all, I felt I could be the heroine I wanted to be without being penalized and forced to play a certain way. It's a truly organic experience--so natural and so enjoyable.  Thank you!

Thank you! It's such an important part of the games I write, that players feel like they have agency without being punished, so I'm very glad that you felt like you could be the heroine you wanted to be.

(Sorry for the late reply!)

Oh man, if only this were on steam, then I could buy it!!

Sorry! :-/ No immediate plans to make this available on Steam. Hopefully one day, but until then is the only place to buy Wilder: Ran's Story.


I seriously loved Ran.  The second I saw him I knew I had to play this game. I wasn't really sure if I was making the right choices and was scared I would get a bad ending or something but I didn't. I was able to stay true to myself in the choices and get a good ending and that was nice. And to be honest, I don't even care if he is a "monster," I just want to squeeze him so tight. He was exactly the type that I love going after in these types of games. And his story was so amazing and sad. Actually, I really loved the entire story and the only parts I had problems with was literally because I felt like I was going to lose him, which is amazing that the story managed to make me feel so strongly. And I could literally feel the sexual tension between him and the main girl. So good. I don't know if I will be able to get over the feeling of being attached to him...uggggghh his personality and looks left a lasting impression on me.

I'm so glad I decided to buy this. And I am so glad this was created! Thank you for this masterpiece!

I'm so glad that you loved him! And thank you for writing this comment. I can't tell you how much I appreciate knowing that you enjoyed this story the way you did.

(Sorry for the late reply!)

is there some sort of demo version? Id like to get a feel for it to purchase it

You can download the demo from the official page. :-)

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