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Chapter 2

You are a demon hunter. He is an incubus. A fateful meeting, a deal struck, and neither of your lives will ever be the same.

Demonology: Incubus is an interactive fiction series, featuring:

  • a customizable male/female/non-binary protagonist
  • a male love interest
  • explicit, interactive sex scenes

Chapter 2 is 18,000+ words / 50 minutes (approx) and follows the detective and their reluctant partner Flea the incubus as they investigate demonic activity in the city.

Content warning for Chapter 2: 

Explicit sexual content | Explicit language | Threat | Violence | Injury | Blood | Death | Gore | Transactional sex | Public sex | Drug use | Terminal illness | Cannibalism

(Note: The sexual content in Incubus is not optional. Player discretion advised.)


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Updated 19 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(58 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsDetective, Erotic, Meaningful Choices, Romance, supernatural


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I am here after binging; your writing is truly amazing from aloners to wilder and now this. I'm just absolutely enamored with everything you write. You really deserve nothing but the best, now I'm going to go out and touch grass while I wait for chapter 3 ಥ_ಥ PS thank you for making Flea an older adult and having the option for mc to be older it's a really nice change of pace from what is usually made by people.


Oh, wow, thank you! That’s amazing. <3

And I love playing an older protagonist, so I had to!


I am so happy to be able to read your writing again, please keep doing what you're doing. Absolutely loved the emotions in chapter 2.


That's great. ^_^ Thank you!


Finally got a chance to read this chapter and I love it! Can't wait for more!


Yay! Thank you!


I need more drama with Ted. Like a trickster demon posing as him. I'm really enjoying this so far! 


There will be some Ted drama, for sure!


a really fun detective story - love the urban fantasy setting and noir kind of pacing. hell & brimstone style demons aren't usually my favorite subject but absolutely could not pass up another story by the author of Aloners/Wilder


Thanks! I've been wanting to do an urban fantasy/detective story for so long.


How many chapters will this game be?


Probably about 10.


I don't usually comment on things, as I'm a little curmudgeonly and prefer to show my support with money (you know, like the shite absent father except the female version), but I just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I'm absolutely hooked on this, and I can't wait to see more. I also want to especially commend you and thank you for giving us an MMC in their mid-thirties, it's really appreciated it. I can't tell you how many times I see love interests in their early 20s and have to nope out of there, cuz not to yuck anybody's yum, but I'm too damn old for that shit and can't relate at all.


Thank you for breaking with tradition for me! (I am also a support-with-my-wallet lurker so I totally get it.)

I'm really glad you're enjoying Incubus. And I totally feel you on the age thing. We need more 30+ love interests!


oh wow, i randomly decided to look you up because i was in a nostalgic aloners mood and this was an absolute TREAT of a surprise!!! i love this fucking disaster of a demon so much already, i cannot WAIT to keep blowing his mind by being nice to him and not putting up with his self-deprecating shit >:) looking forward to june (and if it takes longer, that's okay!), super curious to see where the business with J will go and also how flea's gonna come back to the mc from that argument once he's cooled off bc jesus, dude, i almost got hurt for real, he sure knows how to hit where it hurts! absolutely delicious >:)

also, out of curiosity, can demons change their appearance, besides the chimera thing? like, does flea deliberately look like he's in his mid-30's (or its demonic equivalent, i suppose, should they age differently), or is it a reflection of his actual age?


Yay! I'm glad you found the argument to be vicious--Flea was really going for the throat.

As for your question... hm... All I'll say for now is that Flea hasn't always looked like this.

oh my god i haven't finished chapter 3 yet (will comment over there when i do) and also don't want to spoil for people who might read this but holy SHIT am i going to live on the high of knowing i asked such a relevant question (albeit completely unknowingly) for a very long time LMAO props to you for answering it so gracefully!!!


Great chapter! Flea is quickly worming (haha) his way into my heart. On god if i have to tie him up and MAKE him happy i will.


That might be what it takes!

(1 edit) (+1)

I love Flea but he is such a mean-burger xD I hope he can 'rescue' us from J, I don't want to lose anything precious after death... I'm looking forward to the third chapter :D

(I love to praise our demon xD)


Mean-burger! I love it.

(1 edit) (+2)

hi. just finished the first chapter. so far i really enjoyed it. some questions:

1.) does decisions from chapter 1 carry over? if so, does this happen automaticly?

2.) do you have a rough release schedule/"roadmap" to share?

3.) will there be future, seperate chapters or will this chapter be updated with future ones? if there are future seperate chapters: what will the cost?

a suggestion: i dont know, where you want to go with the story, but maybe you could add a character desrciptions besides the text. nothing complicated, somthing like "You are X, a female cis-woman with female genitalia." and depending where you want to go some additional informations like how the PC deals with fights (aggressive/combatitive VS diplomatic/peaceful). maybe something similiar for flea too?

anyways really like the story. continue with this quality.


I'm glad you enjoyed! Chapter 2 is available if you're interested in continuing.

1. There is no save import feature, but there is a recap at the start of every chapter to lock in player choices.

2. Currently we're looking at a release schedule of every 1-2 months. Chapter 2 is out now. Chapter 3 will be out in June. There will be about 10 chapters in total.

3. Each chapter will be separate and will cost $1.00.

I definitely see the merit in your suggestion, but I'm going for a more immersive, book-like approach with this game, so I won't be using a side bar for stats. As for how the protagonist handles fights, that will be something you can tackle as the reader on a case-by-case basis.

Thank you for playing!

alright, thank you for your answer


the best thing I ever read for a long time thanks, and welcome back!


Oh, wow, thank you!


*gets really close to the microphone* I love Flea so much. 


Ha! I'm glad.






seeing this is made me immediately look up how to get a visa card to buy this in my third world country


Oh, wow. O_O Thank you!


Rattling the bars of my cage until chapter three comes out.


Next month! Promise!


Ahhh I just want to get into Flea’s head!! It’s SO, so good. Wish I could sleep until chapter three comes out. 


I bet it's pretty wild in there...


It was so good omg.. I need moree. I cant wait for the next ep.. especially after THAT ending 


What? Doesn’t everyone just ADORE a cliffhanger? ^_~